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Enroll in Population Health: 3 Easy Steps to Become a Member

Population Health is a free membership service that helps connect Medicare beneficiaries to healthcare benefits in their area. Not only do we make accessing available resources and benefits easy, but becoming a Population Health member is even easier. Here are the three easy steps to becoming a member of Population Health. 

1. Fill Out Our Online Population Health Membership Form

When you fill out a membership form for Population Health, you’ll be asked a number of questions, such as:

  • Who is your current healthcare provider?
  • What parts of Medicare are you currently enrolled in?
  • Do you currently have a Medicare Advantage Plan?
  • What resources and services are you interested in?
  • How many prescription medications do you currently take?

These questions will better help our Customer Care Team assist you in finding the benefits that are available to you.

2. A Population Health Team Member Will Contact You

Once you have submitted your free online membership form, a Population Health Customer Care Team member will contact you to finish your health profile. This is important in ensuring you’re connected to the healthcare and community benefits that are most aligned with your interests and needs. 

3. Start Taking Advantage of Your Medicare Benefits

From prescription drug management and meal delivery programs to free rides to your appointments and primary care coordination, there are so many healthcare benefits and services that Population Health can connect you to. Once you’re signed up, we can ensure you’re taking full advantage of the resources available to you.

Let Us Help You Start Receiving the Benefits Available to You Today

Population Health partners with some of the most trusted service providers in the nation and can connect you to and sign you up for the benefits available to you. Our team members will get to know your situation and connect you with the resources that will help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

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