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Extra Benefits Available to Medicare Beneficiaries You May Not Know About

As a Medicare beneficiary, there are many additional benefits available to you that can help you lead a healthier, happier life. It is our goal at Population Health to ensure you have access to all of the services and resources available to you in addition to Medicare benefits. This article talks more about the services we can connect you to. 

Care Coordination Services

Care coordination organizes your healthcare needs, such as scheduling appointments, connecting you to primary care physicians, monitoring chronic conditions and much more. At Population Health, we work with some of the nation’s most trusted care coordination organizations.

Examples of Care Coordination Benefits

Below are the Population Health partners who specialize in care coordination and value-based care:

  • ChenMed: ChenMed provides coordinated care for seniors on Medicare. Their patient-centered model provides 24/7 access to a doctor and creates better outcomes through affordability and improved health. 
  • Heal: Heal offers timely and convenient medical care in the privacy of your own home with caring and qualified doctors. Heal is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, always shares the cost of a visit or call before it takes place, and because your doctor sees you at home, they can provide more comprehensive care.
  • Oak Street Health: Experts in treating adults over 65, Oak Street Health provides personalized primary care, including a 24/7 patient support line, telehealth options, easy scheduling and more.
  • Conviva Care Center: Conviva offers a number of healthcare services, including primary care, all of which are personalized for each patients’ individual needs.
  • Iora Health: Iora Health believes that better health care starts with better primary care. Their three-fold approach includes team-based care that puts patients first, a payment system based on care, and health care that’s technology driven.

Transportation Services

Many Medicare-eligible individuals qualify for free rides to and from appointments. Below is our current partner in transportation services:

Examples of Transportation Services

  • Lyft: Lyft provides rides for Medicare-eligible individuals to and from doctor appointments. Exclusive in some states, the cost of rides for seniors are typically covered by your Medicare Advantage plan.

Meal Delivery Programs

There are plenty of obstacles and fears that can surround simple tasks such as going to get groceries or making dinner, but this can be combated by meal delivery programs in your area. Many individuals eligible for Medicare can receive free food delivery, whether it’s groceries or prepared meals, which can help you stay in the comfort of your own home while also getting the nutrients and supplies you need. 

Mental Health Programs

No matter your age, investing in and taking care of your mental health can be some of the most important self-care you can do. Additionally, your overall health and wellbeing can be greatly improved through in-person or virtual counseling sessions. There are plenty of mental health services for seniors that are likely at no cost to you, and while Population Health doesn’t currently have exclusive mental health partners, we can still help connect you to mental health programs that are in your area. 

Population Health Can Connect You with Healthcare Resources Today

At Population Health, we’re here to simplify healthcare, advocate for you, and ensure you’re getting the most out of all the services available to you—for free. We can help you connect to the resources that can help you lead a healthier and happier life.

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