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Lyft Offers Medicare Beneficiaries Free Rides to Medical Appointments

A woman driving a vehicle looks in her rearview mirror while speaking with a Medicare beneficiary sitting in the backseat

An alternative to taxi services and public transit, Lyft is a ridesharing service that connects passengers to drivers through a smartphone app. In April of 2021, Lyft launched Lyft Pass for Healthcare, which allows Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries to request rides to and from their medical appointments with the cost of the rides being covered by a healthcare plan. Learn more about Lyft Pass and how you can benefit as a Medicare beneficiary.

How does using Lyft to get to my medical appointments work?

In simple terms, Lyft Pass can help you get to and from medical appointments after scheduling them on the app. It’s important to note, however, that Lyft Pass for Healthcare works directly with certain healthcare plans and social service organizations to pay for the rides. Your healthcare provider or a sponsoring organization will send you a link that applies ride passes to your Lyft account (almost like loading money onto your account for you to use). The ride passes will give details about when and how the pass can be used. When it’s time for your appointment, you’ll apply the ride pass when you request a ride to your appointment.

Benefits of Using Lyft Transportation to Medical Appointments

There are many benefits of using Lyft for transportation to medical appointments.

  • Free transportation: Lyft Pass for Healthcare covers the cost of rides to and from medical appointments for individuals with participating healthcare plans.
  • Access to medical care: For many Medicare beneficiaries, getting to appointments can be a challenge, and may even deter people from seeking medical treatment at all. Free rides from Lyft make it easier to make it to your medical appointments.
  • No need to delay or miss appointments: Patients often have to delay or miss medical appointments due to a lack of transportation. With Lyft, patients can schedule and request rides without the delay that often comes with transportation call centers.

Population Health Can Help You Get Started with Lyft

One of the many Population Health benefits is that our team can help you figure out if you’re eligible for Lyft Pass for Healthcare and figure out how to set it up for you. Free transportation to medical appointments helps get rid of a huge barrier for many Medicare beneficiaries accessing medical care. A Population Health membership can help you get started accessing free rides from Lyft, as well as connect you to a variety of benefits and resources available to Medicare beneficiaries.

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