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Population Health Partners with findhelp to Make Searching for Local Benefits Easier

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Population Health works to simplify healthcare and make sure Medicare beneficiaries and those with minimal to no health insurance have access to resources and services they need. As part of this initiative, Population Health has partnered with findhelp (previously Aunt Bertha) to implement an on-site tool on the Population Health website, which can help you find benefits, resources and services in your area. 

What is findhelp?

The nation’s leading social care network, findhelp (previously known as Aunt Bertha), is a comprehensive directory of resources that helps people find and connect to social services like food assistance, medical care, financial assistance and other free or reduced cost programs available in their area. The company’s mission is to connect all people seeking help and the programs that serve them with dignity and ease.

The findhelp Tool on Population Health

Population Health uses Aunt Bertha’s directory of resources to power its search and referral platform, which is an easy way for you to locate all the free and reduced cost programs in your area. Findhelp is the largest and most active social care network in the country, with more than 552,000 human-verified program locations listed and at least 1,350 listings serving every county in America.

How to Use findhelp Tool on Population Health

It often goes unknown that there are free and reduced-cost benefits available in your area, but the Population Health and findhelp tool can help you find resources near you in one simple search. You can search for free or reduced cost programs in your area by entering your zip code, where you can browse programs by category: food, housing, goods, transit, health, money, care, education, work and legal. You can also search for programs by name. 

Find More Services Available to You with Population Health

Population Health is a membership program that can connect you to healthcare and social benefits in your area. From prescription drug savings and management to meal delivery programs and connecting you to primary care physicians, Population Health is here to simplify healthcare and ensure you’re getting the most out of all the services available to you.

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