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Eight Benefits of Using a Medication Management Pharmacy

From having to take medications at a certain time, taking certain medications with food, and understanding the various side effects, it can be hard to manage all of your medications. Fortunately, there are services like medication management pharmacies that make managing your medications a lot easier. 

SelectRx is a full-service pharmacy that specializes in medication management, providing a simple and safe solution to help manage your prescriptions for free. Learn more about the benefits of using pharmacy medication management like SelectRx below.   

1. Merge Your Medications Through One Pharmacy

Whether it’s the cost of your medications or the time in which they need to be filled, bopping around from pharmacy-to-pharmacy can be overwhelming and confusing when it comes to getting your prescriptions. Merging your medications into one pharmacy can help you spend less time managing all of your medications or having to keep track of when they can be refilled and instead spend more time doing the things you love. 

2. Makes Refilling Prescriptions Easier

With a medication management pharmacy, you never have to think about refilling your prescriptions, as it’s already taken care of for you. With the approval of your doctor, you can get automatic refills to help prevent any gaps in taking your medication and so you don’t have to call your pharmacy every time you need a refill. 

3. In-Home Medication Delivery 

SelectRx provides automatic, free in-home delivery each month, and all you have to pay is your co-pays. Your medications will be synced up to a monthly cycle, packed in easy to use medication packets and delivered directly to your door. 

4. Personalized Medication Packets

Do you or a loved one currently spend time sorting your medications into a pill box? At SelectRx, you’ll receive your medications in a pre-sorted daily medication packet, which makes it easy to stay on track with what to take when. Along with regularly communicating with your doctors and loved ones, the team of pharmacists at SelectRx use a thorough process and innovative imaging to ensure the accuracy of every packet you receive.

5. Learn More About Your Medications

In addition to the ease and reliability of SelectRx, the pharmacists will also ensure you know as much as you can about your medications, how they work together, and what they do for you will help you take more control of your health. 

6. Fill Gaps in Your Healthcare

As your advocate, SelectRx will help identify and resolve any gaps in your healthcare needs. Whether it’s communicating with your doctors and loved ones or connecting you to free and low-cost services and resources in your area, SelectRx can help you gain control of your overall health. 

7. Easier Communication Between Healthcare Providers & Caregivers

In order to make sure your medications are up to date and your care is still on the right track, SelectRx keeps consistent communication between you, your family, caregivers, doctors and pharmacists. 

8. Potential to Maximize Your Health Benefits

When you work with SelectRx, you’ll have a direct connection to available services and resources that can provide potential savings and further improve your health. 

Why Population Health Partners with SelectRx

Population Health partners with some of the most trusted local and national service providers, like SelectRx, to help you get the most out of the benefits available to you. In addition to helping manage your prescription drugs, we can connect you to other available services and resources that can help you further improve your well-being and find potential savings when it comes to your healthcare.

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